Court Projects

Our court sponsors various service projects.  Among them are those described below plus St. Mary Easter Egg Hunt, Big Sister/Little Sister Program, Christian Children's Books and Children's Coloring Books.  To support our projects, we hold fund-raisers, such as High Tea Luncheon, Valentine Salad Luncheon, bake sales and selling Advent Candles and Wreaths.   

Adopt-A-Seminarian Program

Mount Angel Abbey

Five seminarians and one sister have been assigned to our court.  The seminarians come to Mt. Angel to study to become priests.  They are from different cities in the country: Portland, Oakland, Salt Lake City, Tucson and Seattle.  One was recently ordained and assigned to become the Parochial Vicar at St. Mary Catholic Church in Eugene.


Our court is involved in the annual Seminarian Benefit Dinner and the May 1st Seminarian Cookie Day when members travel to Mt. Angel for lunch with our seminarians followed by a tour.  We also send gifts of money to help defray costs of tuition, books, dorm life, health care and other basic needs.

Education Contest

Every year members of our court go to O'Hara Catholic School and hand out Education Contest awards at the school assembly. Past Regent Julia Kelso is shown with the group of students who received their awards.

Congratulations to the 2020 contest and scholarship award winners. Although traditionally announced at Convention, this year please click here to go to the National page that lists the links to the award winners.

Carmelite Sisters 

Our court helps support the Carmelite nuns who reside in Eugene. Our court contributes items to assist them, such as office and paper supplies. Many members attend the Carmelite Dinner that raises funds to help support the nuns. 

First Way Pregnancy Crisis Center

Court members donate baby items to put into layettes, which are donated to First Way.

Wedding and Funeral Receptions

We help with funeral and wedding receptions. Here are some court members working in St. Mary's kitchen as they prepare food for one of the receptions.