Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Oregon #118


Our Court was established in 1909.  We were the first Court in Oregon and also in the western half of the United States. Our dedication to Church and country has evolved through the years to encompass local, state, national and global concerns.  

Through membership in our Court, an individual can reasonably make a difference in today's world, friends can be made and  personal growth attained. CDA Court Oregon #118 provides an effective means through which we can serve our brothers and sisters along with serving God, Church and country. For information on how to join our Court, click here

There is no “I” in Court only “our”. If you have any ideas that will lead our Court in a positive direction, please reach out to our current Regent. It is through ideas shared that make our Court great!

Court Officers


Lisa Hurlimann


  • Preside at all meetings

  • Prepare agenda for all meetings

  • Countersign all Local Court checks

  • Represent the Court at meetings of the State Court. If possible attend State Convention & Conference

  • Follow Roberts Rules (Note: our Court has the State Parliamentarian as a member)

  • Ensure Financial Reviews are completed every 6 months (schedule meeting with District Deputy)

  • Enforce Local Standing Rules

  • Sign all correspondence of the Local Court unless authority is designated to the Recording Secretary.

  • Work with Newsletter Editor. Making sure all necessary information is covered.

  • Appoint Circle of Love Chair and Special Committee Chairs

Vice Regent


  • Assist Regent when requested

  • Standing Rules Committee Chair

  • Read Correspondence from State and National at Court meetings

Corrine Clifford

Recording Secretary


  • Keep accurate minutes of all meetings

  • Present list of all bills to be paid to Court Treasurer

  • Conduct correspondence of Local Court, except as specified under the duties of the Financial Secretary

Susan Freeman

Finance Secretary


  • Receive all monies for the court

  • Issue receipts, post receipts in cash book, and post receipts on membership cards

  • Count money with Treasurer and issue receipts

  • Report changes in membership by sending application, renewal and forms to State and National

  • Place orders for supplies

Judy Spearin


Kathleen O’Connell


  • Receive all monies from Financial Secretary only and give receipt to Financial Secretary

  • Pay all bills with approval of Court.

  • Present a Treasurer’s Report at the regular meeting

  • Make bank deposits

  • Balance check book

  • Record all transaction in ledger

  • Serve on the Budget Committee

Court Chaplain
fr ron.JPG

Rev. Ron Nelson        


Information about National and State Catholic Daughters of the Americas and the Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas came from their websites.  Regent Julia Kelso provided information about CDA Court Oregon #118.