National Projects

Below are the projects that National Catholic Daughters participate in.

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Habitat for Humanity


Since 1995, The Catholic Daughters have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to work to build affordable homes for economically disadvantaged people so they can have a better environment in which to raise their families. Catholic Daughters volunteer their time to help rebuild houses as well as provide financial resources.  

Holy Cross Family Rosary



Holy Cross Family Rosary was started by Father Patrick Peyton, CSC.  Their motto is "the family that prays together, stays together."   The Family Rosary encourages family prayer.  They seek to share the message of prayer with those who are unfamiliar with the Rosary and  to strengthen the prayer life of the devout.


Catholic Daughters have supported this worthy cause since 1977.

The Laboure Society



Founded in 2001 by Cy Laurent, the Laboure Society provides financial assistance and spiritual support to men and women who are pursuing a vocation to the priesthood or religious life in the Catholic Church.  The Laboure Society's patron Saint is St Catherine Laboure.  Sixty-five percent of their clients have been women.


Catholic Daughters have supported this worthy cause for awhile now.




Support our Aging Religious was founded in 1986 with funds from Catholic Daughters.  SOAR! is committed to assuring financially stable and secure futures for our elderly member of the Catholic religious community.  They aim to educate the public about the retirement needs of the elderly religious while developing a network of individuals to help alleviate this issue. 


Catholic Daughters have supported this worthy cause since 1986.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation



The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), formerly known as Morality in Media, was established in New York in 1962.  They changed their name is 2015.  They are the leading national organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation.  Through education and advocacy they are combating sexual exploitation in all forms.  One of the campaigns they promote is the White Ribbon Against Pornography. 


Catholic Daughters upgraded this from a national charity to a national project in 2017.

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