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2021 Christmas Party at St Mary's in Eugene

Friday, Dec. 17th from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm
St. Mary Parish Center

Volunteers and Cookies needed!

For the 3rd Annual St. Mary Christmas Party, our Court has been asked to provide homemade or store-bought cookies. We need about 8-10 dozen cookies for an expected headcount of 100 parishioners (including children).

**If you cannot volunteer to help at the Christmas party, but you'd like to donate some cookies, please deliver them to Brenda Maddux at the Parish Office by 4:00 PM on Friday, Dec. 17th. 

We are also needed as volunteer helpers for this event. If you're able to attend and volunteer at this event, please RSVP to Lisa. Include your name, shift time, and how many dozen cookies you plan to bring. All volunteers please arrive at 5:30 for setup. We need:

  • Gloved & masked Servers:

    • to hand out cookies

    • to hand out bags of popcorn for the Christmas movie feature, "It's a Wonderful Life" 

    • to brew decaf/regular coffee & putting kettles on for hot water for Tea/Cider/Cocoa 

  • A trained person who can operate the dishwasher as needed 

  • Someone to supervise the children's activity table (coloring pages, simple crafts, etc.)

Shift Times: Please RSVP to Lisa with your shift time and how many dozen cookies you can bring.

  • 5:30 - 7:30 

  • 6:30 - 8:30

  • 7:30 - 9:30 

  • 8:30 - 10:30 - NO cookies needed, and helps w/cleanup

Thank you all in advance for making all of these Advent and Christmas Season festivities magical and blessed for our St. Mary families and parishioners! 

Lisa Hurlimann, Regent

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