Leadership​ is helping others to decide on goals and work towards those goals. The leadership point gives members the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of leadership and implement their talents as future leaders.


  • Membership: Rosy Makyadath 

  • Refreshment: Jane Myrand & Pat Halvorsen

Our court's Leadership Projects:

  • Membership: Recruitment of new members.

  • Refreshment committee: Organizes and provides all of the wonderful food at our meetings and takes care of set-up and clean-up. 

Help increase our membership!

You are encouraged to invite someone to join Catholic Daughters. Let others know who we are. Many ladies do not know about our organization and it is up to us to share what and who Catholic Daughters are. Yes we put on a High Tea and yes we hold bake sales, but we are more than that. Everyone has an opportunity to be as involved as their lives permit them.


Did you know that you can invite someone to a meeting? It is not mandatory that members attend all meetings and functions. Ladies are welcome to join us for lunch and attend a meeting to hear what CDA has going on. Did you know that our Court has a website? Many ladies use the internet and this is a wonderful tool for women to look at our local website and the National Catholic Daughter website, too.


Here are a few suggested ideas:

  • When you are done reading your newsletter hand it out to someone. It has all the contact information in it.

  • Recommend our Court’s website or the National website.

  • Tell someone why you joined.

  • Pray that women will feel called to serve the Lord through their works in Catholic Daughters.



“Serve the Lord with Gladness” Psalm 100.2

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